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Ali Baba - Fine Lebanese Cuisine

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Located on the corner of Eastern Avenue and Pebble Road, this family-fun Lebanese restaurant is a true jewel. Serving only the finest and freshest ingredients (no cans or chemicals allowed), Ali Baba has become the only restaurant in Las Vegas to provide a true essence of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

TASTE: Middle East Eats - Ali Baba's Lebanese cuisine deserves to be experienced

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I like to come here for a quiet lunch, when the only sounds are soft Arabic-language music videos playing on one of the restaurant's plasma-screens. It's more rousing in the evening, thanks to a live band that performs nightly, plus actual belly dancers. ...... There are more than a dozen other choices, such as makanek, clove-scented sausages sautéed with tomatoes and onions; or sojouk, a spicier version; lahim bei ajin, little meat pies studded with pine nuts (they're big on pine nuts here); or broiled quail, a pair of whole birds redolent of garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and cilantro, all quite Mediterranean.

culinary treasure - Ali Baba delivers full flavor of Lebanese cuisine

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Chebat, a Lebanese native who is in sync with the cuisine of his heritage, received his formal culinary education in French and Lebanese gastronomy in Beirut, and has held chef positions at several 5-star InterContinental Hotels, worldwide. ...... Lebanese cuisine is internationally popular, rich in history, and sets the standards for other Middle Eastern cuisine. It is healthful, flavorful, and combines ingredients from the Mediterranean with herbs and spices from the East.

A Middle-Eastern experience unlike no other

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In this day and age, where we live in the world of fast food, do yourself and your taste buds a favor and come to Ali Baba Restaurant. The cuisine is excellent and apparently, good for your health too, proof that you don’t have to restrict yourself to salads to eat healthy.

Ali Baba offers taste of Lebanon

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“We pride ourselves in offering the best ingredients of any restaurant at extremely reasonable prices. There’s no lard, no chemicals, no preservatives. It’s original Arabic food.” ...... After 7 p.m., there’s live music and belly dancing and during the lunch hour, Middle Eastern music videos are shown on several television monitors throughout the restaurant.

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The food in this beautiful 240-seat restaurant (colorful murals and handmade Tiffany lamps) is served in the traditional "mezza-style", a mix of cold and hot appetizers. Among the more popular offerings are hummus, tabouli, baba ghanouj ......