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Ali Baba - Fine Lebanese Cuisine

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Ali Baba - Fine Lebanese Cuisine

Located on the corner of Eastern Avenue and Pebble Road, this family-fun Lebanese restaurant is a true jewel. Serving only the finest and freshest ingredients (no cans or chemicals allowed), Ali Baba has become the only restaurant in Las Vegas to provide a true essence of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

Now considered a “health food,” Lebanese cuisine is mostly based on a large and varied assortment of fresh vegetables, wheat and dairy products, extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and a unique blend of traditional herbs and spices.

Ali Baba is proud to present these traditional recipes prepared with love by Master Lebanese Chefs. Their select cuts of meats, freshly baked breads, and delectable pastries are served in a clean, sanitary environment where the dream-like, palace atmosphere with hanging chandeliers and hand-painted murals allows diners to relax and enjoy the food that has been specially made for them.

Offering a variety of menu items from cold and hot appetizers to soups and entrees, Ali Baba does not disappoint. Enjoy the very best of tasty appetizers, such as baba ghanouj (char-grilled eggplant dip with cream of sesame oil, fresh garlic, and lemon juice) on fresh baked pita bread, or the ever-famous Mezza, which includes baba ghanouj, hommos, tabbouleh, labneh, falafel and grape leaves.

For a delicious entrée, patrons have a variety of chicken, beef, lamb, and seafood options to choose from. The beef shawarma is a must-have with tender beef and lamb marinated for over 12 hours with traditional spices slowly cooked in their vertical broiler and served with teheni sauce and hommos.

To top it off, an array of desserts and drinks are available. Enjoy the great flavor of one of their many dessert creations, such as Lebanese rice pudding (flavored rice pudding with rose water topped with nuts), with a wide variety of beverages including raspberry iced tea, Turkish coffee, hot tea, Lebanese wine, Arak, beers, and after dinner drinks sure to satisfy any thirst.

Another favorite is the lunch buffet, which offers a world-famous lentil soup, several salads, hot and cold menu items, and a range of dessert items. Available from 11 AM to 3 PM daily, the mouth-watering buffet has baba ghanouj, hommos, tabbouleh, grape leaves, kebbeh balls, stuffed zucchini, and much more. They also offer filet minion kabobs every Sunday.

Along with great food and exceptional, friendly service at Ali Baba, is the entertainment. Every night, guests can enjoy a pianist at 6 PM, a belly dancer at 7 PM or 7:30 PM, hookah at 9 PM (herbal tobacco), as well as a live band every Friday and Saturday night to help get people up and moving on the dance floor…that is, if you can after all that great food!

Not only is Ali Baba a great place to eat and be entertained, but it is also the perfect setting for any memorable event. Their graciously designed and elegant dining room can accommodate a guest list from 20 to 200 people or more and their menu is designed to fit any budget. They can create custom menus, devise themes, and plan schematics on or off the premises to ensure an event is both memorable and professional in everyway.

Ali Baba is located at 8826 South Eastern Avenue and is open at 11 AM daily. For more information, please call 702-688-4182.


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