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Sandwiches - Menu


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Served Lunch Time Only! From 11pm-5pm. All sandwiches are served with French fries.
■  Beef Shawarma Sandwich
A combination of lamb and beef seasoned and marinated overnight, cooked and sliced then served with Tahini sauce, garlic, lemon juice, seasoned onions, sliced tomato and pickles
■  Chichen Shawarma Sandwich
Tender chicken breast seasoned and marinated overnight, then slowly cooked on our vertical broiler. Sliced and served with tomatoes, pickles and garlic sauce
■  Falafel Sandwich
Vegetarian sandwich mad with chick peas, fava beans and various spices, then deep fried in vegetable oil and topped with tahini sauce, tomatoes and pickle
■  Beef Shish-Kabob Sandwich
Char-grilled tender beef with seasoned onions, tomatoes, pickles and hommos in pita bread
■  Chicken Taouk Sandwich
Char-grilled chicken breast served with garlic sauce, tomatoes and pickles in a pita bread
■  Kafta Kabob Sandwich
Char-grilled ground beef with seasoned onions and spices served with hommos and pickles in pita bread
■  Lamb Kobob Sandwich
Grilled cubes of tender lamb, marinated and sliced served with hommos, tomatoes, seasoned onions and pickles in pita bread

Premium Mixed Nuts Served a la carte $6.00