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Hot Appetizers

Enjoy the very best authentic and tasty Middle Eastern and Mediterranean appetizers made fresh daily in our spotless kitchen - To your health!

Kebbeh Balls (4 pieces)

Ground, tender fat free beef with cracked wheat, pine nuts, fresh onions and traditional spices

Fatayer (Spinach Pie) (4 pieces)

Fresh spinach with onions, pine nuts, summak, lemon juice and olive oil in a freshly baked pastry shell

Sambousek (Cheese Pie) (4 pieces)

Specially prepared feta cheese with parsley and traditional spices in a freshly baked pastry shell

Lahim Bel Ajin (Meat Pie) (4 pieces)

Fresh ground lean beef with onions, tomatoes, pine nuts and special spices in a freshly baked pastry shell


Sauteed spicy sausage with fresh onions, tomatoes, garlic and lemon


Sauteed Lebanese sausage with fresh tomatoes, garlic and lemon juice

Beef Filet on Hommos

Sauteed tender filet of sliced lean beef served with pine nuts on a bed of hommos

Halloum Cheese

Pan fried goat cheese and herbs with extra virgin olive oil served with a slice of tomato and cucumber


Chick peas and fava beans blended and marinated in special spices with fresh cilantro, parsley and garlic. Served with tartar sauce (made from cream of sesame oil)

Fool Medamas

Fresh beans, chick peas, garlic, cumin, lemon juice and olive oil

Jwaneh (Chichen Wings)

Whole chicken wings marinated daily, char-grilled and served (B.B.Q. Hot) with garlic and French fries

Meat or Cheese Rolls (4 pieces)

Freshly prepared ground lean beef with onions, pine nuts, spices, or feta cheese with parsley, onions and spices that are prepared wrapped in a pastry shell and deep fried


A tasty bread stuffed with Kifta meat and almonds slivers

Meat Stuffed Grape Leaves (6 pieces)

Stuffed Grapes Leaves wrapped in, lamb meat rice, and traditional spices, topped with lemon juice


Two pieces sauteed in fresh garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and cilantro served on top of fries

Premium Mixed Nuts Served a la carte $6.00

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